Nice arse donkey poster

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THINK about how it got a collar and a tag. Nice arse donkey poster. SOMEONE had to DRUG this animal, then forces it to wear a collar, and shot a tag THROUGH its ear. But all that’s fine though.

Nice arse donkey poster

Nice arse donkey poster - A4
poster – A4
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poster – A2
Nice arse donkey poster - A1
poster – A1

I wonder if the bear would have chosen all that for itself. It’s nice to know that Help Asheville Bears thinks spending $5000 to find a person with a sticker is more important than actually helping bears. I am not a Trump supporter but I think the guy who put sticker on bear’s collar deserves that reward of $5000…Nice arse donkey poster. Of course it was a daring act.. Try the person who put the collar on the bear… do u track the bear but not the people who come in contact with him by puttin the tag and collar on??? Because I know no one who is comfortable enough to go to bear and put a sticker on his neck and walk away. A sticker is cruel and heartless but a tag in the ear and a locater collar is not? My God if a sticker is cruel and heartless then how do you even get out of bed in the morning? You left have lost your minds calling it in humane and cruel. Do you think the bear understands? This just proves your crazy. The person who put the collar on is the in humane and cruel. They’re inhumane and cruel for supporting the conman in chief. Not about the sticker. That’s just rude and classless. Tracking collars are not inhumane. Jesus. The inhumanity came when someone AFTER the collar was placed somehow habituated the bear to people, essentially ensuring a death sentence for the bears.

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