Donkey hello sweet cheeks poster

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Powerful speech from the annointed President of the United States of America. Donkey hello sweet cheeks poster. God bless President Donald Trump. We in Papua New Guinea (PNG) are praying for the President and the people of America. I couldn’t find where to post this so here it is. This is a church in California that is being fined for every time they meet. It’s unconstitutional

Donkey hello sweet cheeks poster

My grandfather Denver Massey served our country during WWII and worked on the Wichita navy ship. He was first stationed in the Philippines and they would run supplies over to Europe on D-Day they were in Iceland than returned. I’m proud of his service to this great country and everyone who served for our freedom. Donkey hello sweet cheeks poster. Let’s make sure our history does not get erased if it wasn’t for these brave soldiers we wouldn’t be here today. The younger generation needs to understand the sacrifices that was made for them to have the opportunities in this country and show respect to this nation and our flag. God bless you for not allowing our past to be forgotten. These men were willing to sacrifice their lives for our freedom. Anyone wanting to kneel because they think they know what sacrifice looks like should be ashamed of themselves. You have never been more of a disgrace to the ones that did die for your freedoms. Do better America

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