Nobody Cares Work Harder shirt, v-neck, hoodie

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Where has he EXACTLY destroyed the planet? Nobody Cares Work Harder. It’s all still standing and the country is better off than it’s been in 50 years.

Nobody Cares Work Harder

Nobody Cares Work Harder v-neck
Nobody Cares Work Harder longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee
Nobody Cares Work Harder hoodie

So please, help me understand EXACTLY where President Donald Trump is guilty. hell he could be removed and then Pence would become president, I’m pretty sure pence can elect him as VP. I don’t think there is a law stopping him. It’s just congress has to approve it. so if he’s impeached by the House and your Senate decides not to remove him..what’s the use of that impeachment then? Nobody Cares Work Harder. Just curious here. And nothing can change the fact that he’s going to be elected again now what do you think of that Danny. Darcy thank you for being the voice of reason. He was impeached, no matter what the Senate does. I teach US History. If these people had taken the class from me they would have learned this! Impeach is a weak term because he will still stay in office and will also get reelected in 2020! Alessa yes he sure can. A president that is impeached can still run for re election. Even though the previous two before him never tried. So the Democrats made his legacy even bigger by doing this? Cause rare things usually are written down and talked about for thousands of years. Can’t wait to see what happens if and when a Democrat is elected to hold the presidency. Hah, should it be political casting couch rider Harris, she’ll be impeached for selling her body for political favors. Oh boy! Think of all the make believe stuff that now comes into play.

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