Not Today Cloth Face Mask

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That tax break did nothing for the middle class! Not Today Cloth Face Mask. Incomes for the middle class under Trump has went nowhere!

Not Today Cloth Face Mask

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Mask- pic 1

Plus he’s trying to cut benefits for poor people! Not Today Cloth Face Mask. He’s trying to cut benefits for poor people to pay for all the tax breaks for all his billionaire crook friends! Mr President, we have a crazy Governor here in Ohio that needs to be removed please. Please help us in Ohio. He and his Doctor Amy Acton need to be removed from their microphones. why are so many musicians so hatefilled? My daughter toured with Sam Moore for five years from 15 on. Thankfully, Sam is no liberal. But it’s like a musician’s whine fest. Don’t get me wrong. I love you music players. But relax. Anything was better than Obama. And my kid sang with Sting at the ball. She was 16 and said all there were crazy. Stay safe. why would you call him that? So rude. He has a right to dislike his governor. Doesn’t make him a fascist. that means you voted for Hillary if that’s your foolish opinion! And in sure you Voted for the BIGGEST MISTAKE our country EVER MADE allowing the set up of the first black criminal president Obama!! I think it is the liberals and Democrates that have been whining and crying the last 3 years ! Get ready to keep it up Trump has 4 more years after this! I have a couple friends that are proud obummer and Killary voters and I give them hell! They are supposed to be so smart…and complain that they got less back in their taxes…those people are idiots!

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