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Yes I am aware of that . Not Today Mugglefucker Tumbler. The point I tried to make is even though she is a Miss she does not meet the criteria of this beauty contest because it does not include or accept.

Not Today Mugglefucker Tumbler

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Tumbler- pink

Misses who are parents which is what this young woman is basically her choice it appears An unmarried mother ! Now she is claiming discrimination trying to bring us into the 21 century. So what iif they prefer to stay exactly where they are? No unwed mothers! Jane Constantin does the definition of the word miss mean she must be a virgin? Why can’t unmarried mother called a Miss? Not Today Mugglefucker Tumbler. Mary Jane Constantin agreed i was a young mom 16 one month total disqualification but i am responsable for me i got pregnant the pagent didn’t. It’s not the definition of the word “miss”, it’s the rules specifically laid out by the organizers. It’s their money, not yours. onstantin it’s about sex. Ideal contestants waited until marriage to have sex and children and once they did they were too busy for pageants. Pageants were just another way to produce “well rounded” and “well behaved” “ladies”. Oh no some one is trying to bring Mary Jane into the 21st century. How awful. Well unfortunately for you here we are and your patriarchal and misogynistic views are outdated. Jane Constantin why shouldn’t she be allowed? Surely if its any woman can enter? Otherwise, it’s not truly representative of the female population? Constantin or perhaps it’s time to stop being shocked at the idea of ‘an unwed mother’. To stop treating women as lesser beings, as sex objects. To stop seeing beauty as a characteristic that anyone should be judged by.

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