Nun Satan keep praying no one is listening shirt



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Charles HughesWe gave iran ?we gave to Iraq? Maybe American taxpayers should stop funding world and fix our problems in america.Bernie your one who voted to give money to foreign countries in sen .Take your own advice you post on fb .People don’t trust public offic… See More121 . Jacquelyn JohnsonBernie Sanders if I were you I would really reconsider your thoughts toward Israel. You will lose coming against the will of God concerning Israel.203 . Noel KleinI am a Israeli fan but not a Netanyahu fan at all. He has painted Israeli into a corner where a 2 state solution is impossible and so is a 1 state solution.259 . Nur SalEhTHANK YOU! The US is acting like it ended poverty, provided shelter, free education and healthcare, and took care of everything. Then spared a couple of billions to give to give to an occupier 254 . Jena StossThat 4 Billion a year we spend to give to Israel to use as money to spend on the Genocide of Palestinians we could use to end poverty and hunger in America. It’s time to cut it off and sanction Israel for Human rights violations.396  Nun Satan keep praying no one is listening shirt

Nun Satan keep praying no one is listening shirt

Sara AlvarezDefinitely, the US should not sponsor genocide of any ethnic groups or to further a political agenda in other countries.468 . Cassie HuberWhy are we giving other countries money and our military in the first place? It needs to end, period. We can’t help other countries because we can’t even help our own people. We have only proven to cause further harm by interfering where we aren’t welc… See More172 . Gabor LebovichLet’s remember some of this military aid pays for equipment that tries to intercept rockets that Hamas is shooting indiscriminately into Israel. When the Israelis shoot back they call ahead to warn citizens. You’re right we shouldn’t support human ri… See More154 . Charles M. JamesIf we’re having so much trouble taking care of our own, why are our allies getting aid!!! We need to be taking care of our own.42 . J-Chana LangBernie as much as I love you your absolutely wrong about Israel. If you want to look at aid look aid giving to Israel then look at aid given to Gaza. Hamas runs Gaza not Israel or even the Palestinian authority. 89  Nun Satan keep praying no one is listening shirt

Nun Satan keep praying no one is listening shirt

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