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Bring . The Rockefeller Christmas owl symbolizes so much to me especially during this unusual time in our lives he has a message but can you hear it. ?. This is the most tragic excuse for a Christmas tree I have seen in all the years weve been in the US. Little owl was a precious cargo. Hope he survives and thrives.. Nurse fleece hoodie. That tree was not worth cutting down. It looks awful but it was this little guys home. He lost his mom. Don’t they check these things before they cut things down I heard that tree was 100 years old !! Sad. I had a mama owl raise her 3 chicks in a big cottonwood right out front my living room window they were amazing to watch her rear and them leaving the coop right down to hopping through the fence into the weeds on the ditch bank never to be seen again …

Nurse fleece hoodie

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He choose to take drugs knowing full well the addiction they cause. So he simply murdered his wife out of uncontrolled jealousy and drugs. Nurse fleece hoodie His choice, his responsibility. So heading should have reflected that.. Steph Brush Thoughts and prayers are with her family . Please find attached resume and let you so much I appreciate it very much and have a wonderful.. Fork and knife???. Pause GIF GIPHY. undefined. Not safe being trans.. Sad. undefined. Nyaring Ayuel She wasn’t killed because she was Trans so Could’ve just said her name rather her sex first she’s a human being!! Show some respect!. We are no longer people we are a color or gay or trans and sometimes a christain or a jew. I hate labels its the way to divide us.. Wait hold up, so a dude married another dude pretending to be a woman and he knew about it? This has nothing to do with being transgender, saying she is at least the 37th transgender person to be killed is misleading. This is a domestic violence, jealous rage, drug use, murder. Amy Gardner McDonnell. He’s so cute, did you see his big eyes, beautiful.. i heard this story on the radio today. He’s a cutie. I hope they take him back home!!!. Take his ass back to the area where you cut down the tree. Why wasn’t he just brought back to the area he came from. Where is the D.E.C. on this episode.. Need to take him back to his home.. It’s sad I’m sure the mama Owl is looking for it. The little fellow will do fine in his new home.

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Thank you. Take him back where you cut the tree down.. Johnson MT. Too bad you couldnt have just left the tree right where it was.. Are they bringing it back home.. He looks happy all bundled up in his sweater! Im sure he has a better home now. I wish some people on here would stop bitching about cutting down the tree for God’s sake..

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