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Coronavirus deaths across the US have topped 5,000 and all but 11 states have issued sweeping orders for residents to stay home affecting nearly 90% of the country’s population. Utah does have a stay at home order just not shelter in place. Nurse iron man captain america poster. Mayor of Salt Lake City has even given the okay to fine those out that are not going to essential businesses for necessities. Just because the directive has not come from the governors office doesn’t mean the cities are not taking the necessary precautions.

Nurse iron man captain america poster

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Only lds mormons of the church of the jesus of the pyramid schemers get elected in utah, that is why they like the caucus system they can intimidate the other lds and get the right candidate, very sad really. They were fighting over toilet paper at costco and yes those were lds mormons, or whatever they are calling themselves this week to hide their shame. You need to get off this post. Because you are spreading disinformation. And there are brain dead people who believe everything on social media. Casey Sawyer after youit’s people like you that are holding this country up! I happen to VALUE life and am willing to stay home for months if need be. You obviously don’t, there’s no arguing with people like you. Thoughts and prayers to you and yours, let’s see how that works out. Refrain from replying, you’re not worth my time or energy. The end point of our liberty is when it adversely affects someone else, especially mortally. Nurse iron man captain america poster. This shelter in place or whichever name the community is using is of short duration considering the length of our lives and our other liberties even when at home. I don’t see an end to massive spread infecting others until each of us considers ourselves to be infectious and dresses, acts, self restricts and whatever else it takes to stop the spread of this vicious virus. I do respect your liberty but I also respect the liberty of others to remain virus free.

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