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I was an independent voter who will never vote red again. Only one republican has stood up against Trumps ignorance and plain danger to this great country and the rest of the world. That’s because you have what is called a heart which I’m not so sure trump does. You truly care about our people and our country whether it helps your campaign or not. Nurse life face mask. That is the change our USA needs

Nurse life face mask

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face mask – detail

We need to minimize the damage the orange thing will do to our country before November….he is a very dangerous president and he’s certafiably nuts….come November we will all go to the polls and vote for you joe. As a black independent, I would like to know, Where was the congressional black caucus when Joe Biden wrote the 1994 crime bill and the Democrats signed it into law. My heart is always with the people of Oklahoma. Born and raised Okie and proud of it. I love Washington but there is a part of me left in Oklahoma. Nurse life face mask. There will always be intolerance and hate in the world, but we do not need a leader who fuels racism, hate, and even hate against the opposite party . I hope we can get back to democracy for all with the November election.

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