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In tears… thank Joe for being a good and kind, human being. What a reprieve from what we have seen over the last few years. I have been saying your name for president since long before you announced you were running. I pray for you to take the reins of this country. We need a leader like you right now. Nurse life filter face mask. This country needs someone who knows what they are doing. You have my vote sir. Too bad there are folks, including essential workers, that are suffering unnecessarily because without insurance, they are afraid to seek treatment and bankruptcy their family. If only there was some policy you could promote as a presidential candidate that would give them hope and a reason to vote for you.

Nurse life filter face mask

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The best way to respond would be Medicare for All. There’s 6 million people now who no longer have their employer sponsored insurance! Don’t you wanna be remembered as the guy who saved the day and not a corporate shill? I don’t think trump should open the country up yet. To soon, It will spread more, Nurse life filter face mask. And that will be awful. I hope he listens to the scientists on this one. Our country, our world, and our humanity is at stake, we must do what we can to support Joe Biden for President and help restore the soul of this nation. Thank you for advocating for us! My husband and I are both physicians and have a little one at home. The stress of PPE availability has been weighing on us. But we are so encouraged by the stories of Americans coming together through this! Looking forward to November.


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