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I wish you could be re-elected. There are no words to express how much this country needs you. We love you! We took you for granted. Nurse life poster. The same measurements during corona times are necessary to reduce climate change. Why we are only now take action to protect us. We need a global team that establish rules that protects us from our behaviors that cause climate change. Now oil is not burned, it is in stock, airplanes are grounded and do not burn fuel and less CO2 is emitted. I am talking from Germany that has a 5 week dry seasons I do not know from my country.

Nurse life poster

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Dear Barack Obama. I’m from Denmark. I totally agree. People needs an intelligent leader, who can verbalize all the feelings of fear and frustration because of this crizis, but also make people see a hope for the future through the act of showing compation and empathy for each other. Nurse life poster. You were (and still are) that kind of leader! You are by far the best president the United States has ever had and you are missed. I hear more from you then I do from him, unless he wants money. He’s been underwhelming in terms of inspiration to date. Perhaps he should announce his cabinet from the list of stellar initial candidates? That might get us going. Why isn’t he offering alternatives to 45’s rhetoric? Where is he. Barack Obama should have never left the Oval Office we now have a clown who doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut and just continues to make a mockery out of the job title of the president of the United States

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