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Dear Bernie, I have waited all my long life for a political candidate with your views + outlooks to rise to the political prominence that you have reached. You speak for so many of us. I do hope, however, that you will encourage your supporters to support Joe Biden in November. Nurse nancy filter face mask. When I see comments like. I’m going to go to the Green party, etc as much as I have always wanted to vote “Green. I feel worried, because if Democrats splinter away from the Democratic candidate it can assure the ascendancy of Donald Trump.

Nurse nancy filter face mask

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Thank you, Bernie, for all you have done for this country that is in desperate need of change. Nurse nancy filter face mask. It pains me that you will not be in the running for President anymore but I still consider you my President and would be honored. You fight for the working American people and are working towards changing this country for the better to truly help everyone in this hard living country today. This country has not been an easy place to live in since I’ve have grown into my adult years here as well as a lot of young people trying to start their lives. I can only hope for true change for the people of America in the future— I and so many others are truly Inspired by your values and disposition

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