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He is literally a big baby, picking personal fights with those that offend his ego. Nurse she is strong poster. So he basically wants to lie freely without getting his bs called out. Maybe he shouldn’t chat in the first place.

Nurse she is strong poster

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He’s so crazy he might even do what he says he’s gonna do. Then we’d all have to face free speech on social media… how scary! It’s social media’s platform, not ours. We sign user agreements that we acknowledge their rights, and ours. This is just how ignorant of US laws, Business law, and the foundational documents of the USA. Nurse she is strong poster. Herr Trumpenfuhrer will sign an executive order… Because he can’t get anything passed in congress….because he’s too self absorbed to realize an executive order cannot change any existing law (that’s what the congress is for…)…because he’s too ignorant to realize that it’s a violation of federal law for a sitting president (or any elected official…) to attempt to meddle in the affairs of private business…because he’s too childish to realize that the solution to the Twitter fact check issue. So he thinks little kids from Democratic states still lots of ballots from mailboxes and have unregistered voters fill the ballots out. Of course little kids who live in Republican states would never do that. What a dumb excuse he gives not wanting states to have mail-in ballots. Where is his proof? If he didn’t claim everyone in California whether they are registered would receive a ballot would they even have added the fact check to that tweet.

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