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File suit on behalf of NY voters !!!! They have the right to vote ! Period !!DNC really making some serious mistakes ! Be careful , don’t give them a reason to vote for Trump , if he gets in again , you can kiss this country goodbye. Bernie, you must unsuspend your campaign. Nurse Vertical Poster. Our Democracy is dead. Some down ballot elections at some future point is too little way too late. We need you and we need you now.

Nurse Vertical Poster

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Poster – A2
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Poster – A3
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Poster – A4

So what are Bernie supporters going to do when Biden is forced to drop out and the DNC selects someone else to take his place? The DNC wanted Bernie gone more than the GOP! But don’t worry they will keep pandering for Bernie followers votes. What about the election? Nurse Vertical Poster. What are we supposed to do? You cannot expect us to vote blue no matter who/how! We need your leadership now. Is anything being done about the 1.2 million US citizens and their US citizen children who were discriminated against in the stimulus and denied the $1,200 and $500 payments? I’ve been a US citizen for 63 years and my UK husband and I pay and file taxes jointly with my social security number and his ITIN. This is discrimination plain and simple.

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