NWS Rural Fire Service Heavy Tanker Ugly Christmas Sweater



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I will be there Mr. President and first lady. Mr. President, you have served as a moral compass for me and my growth into the person I am now. The center, I am certain, will serve as a site for wisdom, moral conviction, and learning for generations to come. Thank you, sir. I hope to be there someday.. I lived in Hyde Park after I was married and raised my daughter there. We have gone fishing in lagoon behind the museum, had picnics in Jackson Park, walked through the Japanese Gardens and took many pictures of my daughter growing up in a diverse neighborhood for a biracial family. I wish I could be at the groundbreaking but I am sure it will be blocked off for safety and security for POTUS and FLOTUSyou will always be my favorite First Family . Congratulations Mr President & First Lady! I’ve never been to Chicago – but certainly will once this Library is completed. NWS Rural Fire Service Heavy Tanker Ugly Christmas Sweater

NWS Rural Fire Service Heavy Tanker Ugly Christmas Sweater

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We can’t tax & spend ourselves into prosperity. We’re mortgaging our grandchildren and future generations futures away, with failed social engineering agendas.. I totally agree with the idea. Reality is that these wealthy people will just leave to tax free havens elsewhere. Or they will hire lawyers and tax preparers to hide their money better. Or they will pay more to congress to fix it so they pay no taxe . When hundreds of millions average Americans are literally paying more in taxes than billionaires, there’s a serious problem! It’s not even about the tax rates close the loopholes and schemes the greedy billionaire corporations are using to dodge payin . We must embrace bottom up , middle up then trickle down economic model let’s build back better AmericaYes we can ! America oyeee! Oyeee!. Barack Obama is worth how much Joe Biden lifelong politician worth how much Nancy pelosi worth how much. They are the people using the tax loopholes that they vote in to hold tight to their money and spend yours. People wake up and give up being woke NWS Rural Fire Service Heavy Tanker Ugly Christmas Sweater

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The best American president ever is Barack Obama.. They need to pay a fair share, not have lower rates than others through manipulation of the code.. More taxes is hardly the issue. He can’t take care of the border forget about his failed budget. We have never received more in taxes than I the last 10 years and we haven’t solved a single problem. At this point let’s collect no taxes and just let the . Think how much good the billionaires’ tax money could do. I don’t think people realise just how much bigger of an amount a billion is compared to a million. Here’s an example: one million seconds is 11 days. One billion seconds is 31 and a half YEARS!! . and we need to change from a war economy to a green energy economy. NOW. save us so much money we could pay a basic living wage, no hunger, no poverty.

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