NYPD back the blue yard sign

Do you want it? NYPD back the blue yard sign. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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It said that Trump had insulted dead veterans by calling them losers and suckers. Similar to when TRUMP said he didn’t think much of POWs for getting captured. Even FOX NEWS reported it as being true. Bone Spurs is a disgrace, November can’t come soon enough. NYPD back the blue yard sign. The Atlantic, left wing tabloid, owned by a Biden super donor dropped this article using anonymous sources on the day the economic numbers were due. A few hours after this article dropped an attack ad from the left was aired. I’m glad vets are coming forth to dispute the propaganda.

NYPD back the blue yard sign

NYPD back the blue yard sign 1
NYPD back the blue yard sign 2
NYPD back the blue yard sign 3

Thank All of you for fighting for our country.. And for being honest and thankful to our president, who’s punished, slandered and lied about every day of his life. He loves all you veterans and this country more than any president I’ve ever known… God Bless Him and Please Support him. How can anyone take a fake, phony story like this one, based on allegedly he said and unknown sources as being reliable factual reporting. This is an excellent example that reveals how untruthful the leftist, progressive democrat media has become. NYPD back the blue yard sign. It’s one of their last ditch efforts to hurt you. Nothing will stick Mr. President. We will not believe their countless lies and corruption. The American people are to smart for this. We know how much you love the Military. Jimmy Jones , a wonderful Vet,on Fox loves what you do for the Military. First raise in years,rebuilt the dismantled Military after Obama/Biden left our soldiers with nothing,Rebuilt the care for Vets and allowed them to seek help from the Dr of their choice if not seen in 2 wks.

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