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Giving a voice to people like Adam Trammel who we tasered 18 times in his own shower by the police in his locked apartment. Oakland raiders logo face mask. Or the 6 year old autistic boy who was killed in a truck.

Oakland raiders logo face mask

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Yeah, some sword. Their stories weren’t picked up by anyone. There was no call for justice, a March or anything. Just an article in a local paper and thrown into a category of “and others”. Not by a long shot. Where was the justice for the therapist of an autistic man who wandered away? Oakland raiders logo face mask. The man was shot 3 times in the leg while laying on the ground with his hands up. Nothing happened to those officers of any consequence. No one even asked for justice then. Where was the outcry for Jeremy McDole? After all he was a paraplegic who moved in his wheelchair and was shot and killed. Why isn’t he mentioned? The list of names goes back that far. I talk to people in the disabled community all the time. They wonder the same thing I do and that’s why I’m asking. Simply because the police don’t want to have to deal with it. It’s a huge marginalized community that really knows no race. As you can see it’s not even taken seriously by some. It’s selective support. we cant get justice for them until we get justice for Black people period smh no different than the civil rights act and disability act being ratified separately. I think she means police recognizing and knowing how to handle them. People with disabilities get shot because they don’t respond to commands the way an NT person would for various reasons.

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