Oakland Raiders filter face mask

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Better yet mitchell preaches economics ky gets 38% in federal aid because he can not help his state. Oakland Raiders filter face mask. It’s hardworking people to create a more stable state economy.

Oakland Raiders filter face mask

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Totally ignores the national debt of 23.3 trillions what an incredible economic champion. Oakland Raiders filter face mask. The lockdown has affected nearly everybody negatively. The models and projections were based on faulty science..the main point around “FLatTeNInG tHe cURvE” was to prevent hospitals from overcapacity. All these hospitals are empty! Nurses and health care workers are being laid off! The area under the “curve” remains the same regardless, and its clear the lockdown is going to be much more detrimental than if we just left the virus to do its thing. So what are we doing? Why are the goal posts constantly moving? Its clear this is not about our safety, this is all about control. Anyone whos a confirmed covid case or had a symptom and dies, regardless of whatever else they had is still a covid death number. The one you see constantly in the news everywhere. Fear breeds irrational thought. Turn off your tvs and live your life freely. An average of 20k new cases every day WITH protective measures in place. How many do you think that would be without them? Nurses and hospital staff have been laid off because elective procedures have been cancelled. Not only is that where hospitals make their money, without the patients for elective procedures the staff that cares for them aren’t required. Not ALL the hospitals are empty. Here in NY ALL the hospitals are filled with floors and floors full of COVID patients. Perhaps you don’t know anyone with COVID. Perhaps it hasn’t reached you yet.

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