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Kevin WaogoI am delighted too with what Marcus is doing ,,He is gonna be a great instrument in the field of Football furthermore what he does has proved to the High fortuned people wrong ,,,go go Marcus go…..4 . Nathaniel MyersMarcus is way ahead of where you are now, mate. He isn’t going around launching AC-130 gunship attacks against hospitals in his wedding anniversary, fam.2 . Jemal Seid AbegazBarack, please get your former foreign department staffers rightly informed & act accordingly when it comes to an engagement with Ethiopia. Mind the name.4 . Mark LaffinMarcus Rashford plays for our bitter rivals but I respect and admire his intelligence, integrity, his politics and his humanity. In short, he is an outstanding role model for younger generations and I wish him nothing but success in all his endeavours.9 . Sarwar Uddin SarwarMost versatile president comparable with age. Salute sir. Love and respect from Bangladesh.15  October Girl Combo Outfit

October Girl Combo Outfit

October Girl Combo Outfit

Ayuel MonykuchThat’s what the world deserve, because it is going to protect them and their life forever. Be ready and get your COVID-19 vaccines.Let us destroy this virus out of us. Be safe and health25 . Peter Anthony BarryYou are sadly missed on the world stage a president of the US that billions of people still hold in high regard. God bless Mr President and good health to you Michelle and your family…54 . Maggie MoohaYes, it’s the truth. When I was a kid, we all got measles. One of my classmates in first grade died of it. I’m 100% for vaccines. 27 . Yolanda Rodriguez PuyanaWe are so fortunate to have the covid vaccine in such a short time! 17 . Goewam BonifaceTo politicise and undermine the significant contribution of science in swift response to dreadful covid19 vaccination is a risk taking involving life.This is a credit to science and a big thumb up to governmentst of many countries who swong into act… See More22  October Girl Combo Outfit

October Girl Combo Outfit

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