Oh Chemistree Christmas shirt and tank top and hoodie

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If you hate Trump so much why are you on his page ? I think you really love him you just like drama more so you come here just to harass people. Oh Chemistree Christmas. Debbie Hernandez you wonder why Americans have zero freedom? People like you are why.

Oh Chemistree Christmas

Oh Chemistree Christmas tank top
tank top
Oh Chemistree Christmas sweatshirt
Oh Chemistree Christmas hoodie

You don’t have to entertain nonsense if you don’t want to. Martyn Janik so why should he testify and walk into a Dem rigged perjury trap? He definitely should not take the bait. Dems play dirty. Let me tell you the next time you are questioned about something please tell them everything so more dumbocrats will be in prison since most of the people in prison are dumbocrats. Hows that working for you. Aren’t you lame ass democrats tired of looking stupid yet? Oh Chemistree Christmas. You dipshits hang on every thread the mainstream media or even worse leftist tell you and what has happened? Nothing you absolute bozos lol. All you’ve reasonably done is make everyone in the middle absolutely sick of you. This impeachment is going no where and to be honest is only an attempt to make one of their horrible candidates electable. It’s not working. Democrats don’t want to do anything that will give Trump credit for fulfilling his campaign promises and improving America. Disgraceful. merica is now used to Trump’s odious spew, as if from the worst middle school bully. Plus, his tweets spelling would fail second grade. But the Republican party did not always stand for banality, name-calling, bullshit, and fear!! House Democrats have given over 400 Resolutions to Moscow Mitch who refuses to release them There are gun control laws which 90% of Americans want. The Putin controlled just gave Moscow Mitch over to not bring them to the Senate floor.

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