Oh My Christ(mas) shirt, tank top, hoodie

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Derek Broestler he also mentioned Cedar Bark and cigarettes. Oh My Christ. I love how he just left out marijuana lol.

Oh My Christ

Oh My Christ tank top
tank top
Oh My Christ sweatshirt
Oh My Christ hoodie

But I guess until Feds legalize it he can’t really say it yet. Well there you have it. With this and all the other crazy events happening, that’s proof enough for me that we’re living in an alternate universe. A lot of criminals are very clever and obviously great actors as they seem to act very innocent in front of the parole boards and manage to be let out as safe to be released back into society again- either that or the parole board people are just too thick to be able to judge properly! Something is seriously wrong with the parole board for allowing this person to come out of prison early.or is it our justice system. Oh My Christ. It starts with telling children that this ultimatly selfish wish, a place in that co-called paradise, is their most important goal in life… For all those sinners, martyrdom is a perfect escape straight to this ultimatly selfish wish, a place in paradise. Discussing what is martyrdom or not is like discussing the sex of the angels… The only thing we can conclude is that it motivates these actors, whether we like it or not. Alan Easton you’re so wrong. Do you know any Muslims? They’re just ordinary people you know, not monsters. Terrorists are the monsters and they do not follow the teachings of their religion. There has also been no evaluation of the impact of the Desistance and Disengagement Programme, which Khan took part in after his release last year.

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