Omega dog face mask

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So I had to use the nonfile option because I didn’t file for 2018/2019 so this past Monday. Omega dog face mask.  I put in my direct deposit information with my bank.

Omega dog face mask

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mask – pic 1

I use and it said the IRS accepted it so does that mean I will also get one this week. Omega dog face mask. They haven’t even processed my tax return. At this point, they should just send me a Peloton so I can at least burn off all the extra calories from quarantine day drinking. I filed mine Feb. 6th I kept checking the IRS website continuously until I decided “processing” meant something was up. So I called in the middle of March and was told I was “being reviewed” and had 60 days from March 23 to continue being reviewed. At this point, I don’t think I will ever see that money. Trust me nothing is for free they will get this money back some way.I have not got any thing yet.I take care of my disabled daughter. Well I know three people with the last name of A who got theirs on Monday, And the IRS website said everyone should be getting there on Wednesday oh wait that might not be true maybe you should fact check. this is true. I know someone with the last name starting with a letter almost at the end of the alphabet and they got theirs mine starts with a D and of gotten nothing yet. Had they same bank and direct deposit for my taxes for atleast 6 years.

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