One last christ-miss plenty more christ-mrs mug

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It sounds like their relationship became toxic. It’s good that they parted ways.. This whole thing is false. Its already been determined that she was the abusive one.. Sandy Woodin. Naturally they’d take her side even though it was already been proven that Amber was the abuser and lied about being abused. . I like his acting, but you can never trust long term drunks. One last christ-miss plenty more christ-mrs mug. Stop putting him on a pedestal, he is an alcoholic, and it takes two to argue, both parties threw words at each other. If he was abused he is RICH enough to walk away ALONG TIME AGO unlike … .

One last christ-miss plenty more christ-mrs mug

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Jackie, Im sorry about your wife’s illness and as well as your best buddy, Sean.. Celeste Ramirez Zamora. Karen Bosworth. As someone who works closely with residents with Dementia and Alzheimers, it is a tragedy to watch anyone go through it. It is a cruel, awful, indiscriminate disease. I hope one day they can find a cure.. Please Keep his Family in Prayer. He was such an Amazing Actor who was too Cool and the Ladies loved him!. He will be missed. Was my favorite 007! One last christ-miss plenty more christ-mrs mug. I believe at that age (90) having Dimentia is inevitable. . And so many want to put a dementia patient in as President.. Why so many posts that have nothing to do with this article? Such knuckleheads.. Oh the democrats know this but had a plan from the very beginning Harris will be president in months.. It shows that there a lot of stupid people believe what they have been promised not what has been done in the past. Diana Wright. “Substantially true” except for the part that she’s been proven to be the ABUSER.. Whittney Lee. Only those 2 know the truth. Cant side with anyone.. Omg poor man she’s the violent one in the story this is not fair for him.. this woman cut this poor man a finger while he was intoxicated with drugs this woman is a true Witch. That was a horrible ruling considering she was the abusive one. The court failed us this time . This isnt the case Johnny has against Amber where it came out she was abusing him that’s still in court in Virginia. Hopefully he wins that case and clears his name.. It was a volatile relationship. They were both bad to each other. The man takes all the blame. That’s how society works. Maybe he shouldn’t have left his relationship of 15 years with 2 kids to go chase some exciting piece. Maybe none of that would ha…

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Poor Johnny. Justice was not served. She will get hers KARMA. Hope it gets her real good! Prayers to Johnny.. Katja Cardinal. Unbelievable he still has to deal with this.. Jess Garcia. She is a low life. All I can hope for is karma. She ruined his career and is a snake in the grass. I hope Hollywood black lists her..

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