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thank heavens for the boosted SNAP and the hope of revamping the SS programs which are older than Moses. diet COLA has to go !!! already suffering with increased medical due to the guidelines.. Dental work still in progress 3 years of doing a little bit then paying care credit but still behind. some copays I can not afford or even treatments for PT… Absolutely! Shame on us as a country who does not take care of our aging! . I’m 53 and my teeth are keeping me from having a healthy diet and when I consider getting a job I remember what my smile looks like and I don’t even bother trying.. Depending on which state you live in, hearing aids are also not covered for children! Insurance doesn’t consider it a medical necessity. My daughter just got her first hearing aid, and we were fortunate it was covered. If we lived a few miles to the south in Delaware, we would have had to pay out of pocket. And we were told that once she’s 21, insurance will no longer cover it. Unbelievable. One Nation Under God Lion And Goat Poster

One Nation Under God Lion And Goat Poster

Cindy BobolzWhen are CEOs going to wake up? If they pay workers they spend more. That improves the economy for all.44 . Dietra ByrdIts not about $15 an hour its about paying a wage that meets the cost of living in the area of the country. There are places in the Northeast and West Coast that cost more than some places in mid America. 22 . Terry Conan$15 per hour is barely a living wage for a working adult. It should be $25.00 per hour. With that the employee contributes to a Medicare for all system, and the extra wages, based on the same percentages for SS, would improve the living conditions for … See More2 . Charlotte Ellen AshleyEven $15 an hour is just a subsistence wage. A country as rich as ours is has no business being on the low-paying scale. Shame!27 . Jean SlaterGod bless Bernie. He is the reason behind most of the positive changes going on. He wants none of the credit, but he just keeps on relentlessly until his words take root and bloom. He has done more for humanity than any person in modern times. A littl… See More1  One Nation Under God Lion And Goat Poster

One Nation Under God Lion And Goat Poster

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