One U2 signature poster

Do you want it? One U2 signature poster. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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He’s far from a leader. He copies everything that is mentioned in the news. One U2 signature poster. As soon as Trump or Bernie says or does something, he magically comes up with the same idea a few days later. He’s trying a new leadership skill called leading from behind. Seriously need to be running commercials during prime time exposing Trump’s incompetence in handling this crisis. Hammer that home so often everyone knows it.

One U2 signature poster

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poster – A2
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poster – A3
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poster – A4

It takes more than a bunch of idiotic yammering and not two or ten trillion dollars can patch the the cracks trump has created in our American family and way of life. It takes strong moral character, honesty, truth and someone who is a team player with a positive spirit who can inspire people to actually accomplish exceptional (and yes great) things. Get with Biden to win in November. One U2 signature poster. I’m on your campaign page telling you you need to step down and I’m getting a ton of likes for it think about it man do what’s best for the country not what’s best for your political career please. Nobody working , no income, Democrats give 25 million to Kennedy Center who lays off the employees right after, but give Joe your last dollars so he can get a job that pays more then 90% of the country.

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