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I loved living here until about the last seven years. Now, I barely go in the city and would love to get away from the entire metropolitan area. Here is why: Traffic-It takes an hour to go anywhere in the city due to the influx of of people moving here and the government’s lack of limiting building or improving and expanding the roads. Oregon For Trump Flag. There are traffic jams seven days a week now. The “new” Portlanders-I am not sure why so many people from Boston and New York think this is the place to move to. When you ask, most of them come out here with no job and the typical answer is “because I heard it is cool.” With it comes their big city attitude. It used to be a city where people would smile and say hello and genuinely meant it. People actually held doors open for people and would thank you for holding it open for them. Now they look at you like you just insulted them. Yes, Portland residents also hate the “Californication” of Portland, but it has been that way the entire time I’ve lived here.

Oregon For Trump Flag

Oregon For Trump Flag- pic 1
Flag- pic 1
Oregon For Trump Flag- pic 2
Flag- pic 2
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Flag- pic 3

Hipsters-from their long beards, to their horrible tattoos, paperboy caps and fake nerdy glasses, the place is overrun with them. Most annoying is their supposed “love” for soccer. I cannot believe the number of people who go to Timbers/Thorns games, not for love or knowledge of the sport, but because it is the “cool”thing to do. Oregon For Trump Flag. Especially annoying is the Timbers Army who think it is great to chant and scream obscenities the entire game. I coach youth soccer, but I would never take my team to a Timbers game and expose them to the ridiculous chants the entire game. Most of them are more into the chants than the actual game itself. They scream at the refs because they don’t know the rules and refuse to learn them. For true fans of the sport, there is a waiting list of over 10,000 people for season tickets. I am waiting for the hipsters to think the games aren’t the cool anymore and stop showing up for games. Protests/politics-the other thing hipsters think is “cool” is to dress all in black with their Che Guevara t-shirts and go to protests downtown that typically turn violent. Antifa has invaded the town and are generally the ones who start the violence, but when the pepper balls, stun grenades, tear gas and rubber bullets start flying by police, the hipsters start crying (literally) and claim police brutality. Don’t go to a protest that you know is going to turn violent and complain when police respond in force. Many of the protesters have little to no knowledge of what they are protesting about and think Portland is full of “Nazis” and “Facists” which is incorrect. The protests are starting to draw the far left and far right from all over the country and each protest gets a little more violent than the next.

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