Otter ew people covid 19 shirt, hoodie and v-neck

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By the way in the meantime, no one in a political realm said anything to the USA about the seriousness of this pandemic, but no one spoke up in the world including China downplaying this virus, and would it been effective at shutting America down sooner? Otter ew people covid 19.  I doubt it, the virus is coming no matter what right? Blame the rich only for traveling overseas then and bringing it back! We had one travel on a cruise ship in mid March when the ships were already under attack

Otter ew people covid 19 shirt

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He is a mental ditz, and has no earthly notion how to get things done. He was, kind of, OK when he ran his real estate “empire”, apart from losing lots of money, but running a country was as far beyond him, as it would be to my dog. He thinks being cheered at rallies is what it means to be president, to be able to fire anyone, to sneer at the press, but all he does is stand on the side lines and tweet. Otter ew people covid 19. He does not lead, he just lies about what he should have done and did not do. “We have prevailed”, is so far from the truth it is even more painful than the other stupidities he has uttered. And this one is so very dangerous. How many more deaths will he have on his tiny, undeveloped, conscience

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