Out off my way i’m going to bingo shirt



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Bernie Sanders The fundamental challenge behind all this. Out off my way i’m going to bingo shirt Is getting people, to actually comprehend the mechanics & the significance of climate change. If enough people were truly aware, you’d have all the public support needed to deal with the issue through government processes.. The planet only has 7 years before it’s too late. The Rich can’t run from no oxygen to breathe. It’s doomsday for everyone.. Right on Bernie! Not only that the military pollutes with no consequences.. The war on drugs gave us more drugs, the war on poverty gave us more poverty, a war on clinate change will give us… Oh dear God no. BS. Let other country’s create their own jobs. We’re not the nanny of the whole world!. YES! Bernie finally woke up to the one thing every likes. At least at the beginning. A WAR!. Nuclear power won’t create that many jobs, so it must be one of the non green or clean energy options on the table being referenced here.

Out off my way i’m going to bingo shirt

Churkovich Marina. Can’t wait for public sentiment on climate change to get to this point. And we don’t have much time left for it to get there.. That global leadership we need right now. Thanks Bernie!. The whole China and Russia thing is just a way to distract from our problems at home.. Alan Hayes. Wait, one active volcano spews more climate change crap in the atmosphere than man has done since, well mankind. Out off my way i’m going to bingo shirt There’s potentially 1500 active volcanoes on the planet at any time. I agree lets create millions of jobs globally.. Hugo Florens. People are always like how are we gonna pay for healthcare? I’m not gonna pay for illeagal aliens… yet have no problem letting our tax dollars go over seas to fight endless wars, when we need help here at home.. War has never helped anyone except those in the business of making war. Why don’t we take the money we spend on war and create Medicare for All.

Out off my way i’m going to bingo shirt

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