Owl In this classroom poster

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This is why Bernie you need to be the DNC candidate. Owl In this classroom poster. Biden is no where near being able to do the right thing for the working man and woman. He will just line his pockets as usual with greed. They already ended our unlimited unpaid time off/attendance points even though they’re still doing temp checks, mandatory masks, and social distancing. It makes sense to me that until those requirements are lifted people should be allowed all the time off they need in case they get sent home because they have a fever. This is just the next thing in line to get them back to their regular labor costs.

Owl In this classroom poster

Owl In this classroom poster
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poster – A3
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poster – A4

He could help all the workers who were let go, and save the post office and purchase the Amazon rainforest that has the name of his company. And he would still have $ left over. This guy is cleaning up with this pandemic. The only thing you can do as an individual is stop giving him your money! I will not buy anything from Amazon. You stop buying the pointless crap you don’t really need! If it’s something you do need, I spend that extra couple of quid it’ll cost to get it elsewhere ! Owl In this classroom poster. The problem is US! We want it all yesterday and we want it cheap!!! People power people. End amazon. They pay $0 in taxes, use the infrastructure we pay for to do business, and strangle their employees with crappy wages and working conditions. The richest get richer while the rest sink further into insurmountable debt and hopelessness. Not the American dream at all.

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