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Teresa Ambord the can detect humor, they just choose not to in order to manipulate the normies. Owl Knowledge Poster. Plain and simple.

Owl Knowledge Poster

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Remo Williams In 1968 when I got married, minimum wage was enough for me to provide a roof over our heads, food on the table, kept the lights on, and allowed my pregnant wife to stay home. That’s how high it needs to be. Judy Wilcox there shouldn’t even be a federal minimum wage. What an employer pays an employee is none of the government’s business. Leanne Jones Have you not notice that prices on everything been rising every year? What’s the excuse for that? Do you not comprehend that prices go up regularly? Are rents, food, gas, insurance, food the same as they were 30 years ago? Owl Knowledge Poster. NO! But all the corporations CEOs are making millions a year in bonuses! For what? They already make millions a year! But God forbid someone working at the register or helping you in a store or taking care of your elderly mother or children make a dollar more an hour than they were making 10 years ago…they should get another job, right? Then who’s gonna take care,of Mom? Some idiot? Can’t be someone from Mexico anymore…right? Gotta be a full blooded American picking your tomatoes so guess what, they gotta live! Leanne Jones when minimum wage went up, our 2 bedroom apartments went from $500 a month to $900+ a month. I live about an hour away from the capital outside of a town overrun with crackheads. The government gives them more a month than most single mothers get here working.

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