Packers filter face mask

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Coming from someone who abandoned us and left us to vote for someone that has Dimentia or alzheimers. Packers filter face mask. I used to support you Bernie, but now you and the Dems leave me no choice but to vote for Trump. This is going to backfire. States that are easing restrictions are seeing numbers increase. Guess they will have to learn the hard way.

Packers filter face mask

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He’s in trouble. Packers filter face mask. When they make him reveal his financial dealings a lot of people are going to discover how much they got swindled. Also, we are going to learn who he answers to. Fox infotainment and the alike need to have a warning label like a video game, because the divisiveness and misinformation is coming mainly from there that enables support for Trump’s corruption. With all due respect – CDC needs to dig into these covid deaths & truly determine if covid is the cause of death & not heart disease or other issues & I hate to say it, but folks who are immune deficient need to be the ones on lockdown, not all of America. The country by now has to realize that trump is a calculating manipulator and will sacrifice thousands because of his ineptness in handling the coronavirus and just life in general. If you are distancing yourself due to safety and protection when the country returns to the new normal you will realize how stupid sir Assalot’s supporters really are. These are not warriors.

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