Paramedic definition poster

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Rush believed in the goodness and greatness of our country. A conservative voice that we listened to and learned from for years. While battling cancer he found the good in life, he will be missed.. A great patriot that was bold enough to stand for freedom, and not afraid to speak about it.. I like strong, sincere people like Limbaugh. Others with such character are the likes of, Christopher Hitchens, Alan Dershowitz, Malcom X, MLK, Muhammed Ali. The Tucker is a strong guy too. I don’t think he could be “bought”. Were all these people … See More. I liked that Talent Returned to God. Great segment. I liked how he referred to Tucker as Chadsworth Osborn. He meant it as a compliment. Loved his nicknames for people. Joe Biden will always be Plugs.. We are mourning him like we would a member of our own family. We’ll miss Rush desperately. I loved his command of the English language, his humor, his courage, and his commitment to the American People. There will never be another man like him. May Lig… See More Paramedic definition poster

Paramedic definition poster

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Fox news just needs to get serious about supporting their core base.. they were anti Trump and should have been more supportive… You go Tucker!! I trust you – now that Rush is gone, I’m counting on you, Glen Beck, Levine and a few others to keep us straight. God bless you.. Tucker, you a lie. What happened to Lou? Paramedic definition poster Not a single employee or “on air talent” has said a word in defense or explanation of what happened to Lou.. I can’t wait…great segment on Texas energy…rather lack of. It’s a mess here…no electricity, water, food, gas no real help for people struggling that I can see! Done with this sham administration already!. Mary-Alice Morgan. A lot of animals are killed by wind turbines?? Who has any data on that?. Paul Buckingham. Fox knows it’s losing viewers. Smart move on their part to give more airtime to Tucker. He’s the best and I’m a fan so I’ll be watching him! Congrats

Paramedic definition poster

Dee Tucker-Gotch. I think the media is attempting to rewrite the history of joe & Jill’s love story. You know to make it more palatable and less seemy . We know the truth!. If she loves him so much how could she watch his confused lost and completely out of touch on the campaign trail??? It would break my heart to see my late husband go through that.. I love Tucker!!!! The filthy lies by the left sicken this great country. Please try to stifle your vomiting during these four miserable years.. Good God I love some Tucker. Nobody has the jewels to tell it like it is, I mean really tell it like it is. And completely unapologetically!!!! Well done Tucker keep it up brother.. Adam Fershko. And the sheep believe everything the media says. Critical thinking died in America years ago.. Tucker is brilliant! Unfortunately he has a ton of material to work with given this administrations daily and perpetual Saturday Night Live skit. Can the groveling reporters genuflect any more vigorously? It’s embarrassing.

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