Parrot Girl Therapist Best Friend Poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Parrot Girl Therapist Best Friend Poster. Order now before lose it forever.

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Now that the convicted felons have been taken care of, the rest of us law abiding, tax paying citizens can be accommodated. Yes, thank you governor Newsom.. No thanks! I think I’ll save my soul and tune out!. When does the Central Valley get a site? I have heard nothing.. Another photo opportunity for Newsom. In my county (Nevada County) – here is what the county posts on its web site: “As of January 13th, we’ve received just over 3,000 vaccines that have been allocated from the Federal supply by the State. There are mo… See More. What’s your excuse for wanting to recall Newsom?. I’d still have your babies, but you’re doing a terrible job. Your vaccine distribution efforts leave a lot to be desired.. While they are making room for vaccinations, people are being evicted and put out in streets because the state will not make Sacramento county up hold the moratorium on evictions. I am a single mother of 2 and my elderly mother with a heart condition w… See More Parrot Girl Therapist Best Friend Poster

Parrot Girl Therapist Best Friend Poster

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Parrot Girl Therapist Best Friend Poster 3
Parrot Girl Therapist Best Friend Poster 3
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How come Stockton doesn’t have a super vaccine center? Do we get left out like a stepchild?. Does this mean the vaccine is starting to be available for non essential workers now?. Do not take this vaccine!! Wait….more info is coming in, dangerous . That’s sure not happening here in Butte County.. please hurry! if i hear of anymore unused doses, I am going to call your office every day for an answer. Also, do a better job of setting our expectations. we do not understand the strategy.. Everyone quoting the plans are quoting old information as of yesterday. While they technically still exist, the governor has basically thrown them out. They have now jammed a bunch more people in 1b and given them priority. They will likely do it again… See More. what did CA not have a plan scheduled since March 2020 till now? Last year, there was disbelief that a vaccine could be developed by the end of 2020; there should have been a plan in place for vaccine distribution when a vaccine was developed and ap… See More Parrot Girl Therapist Best Friend Poster

Parrot Girl Therapist Best Friend Poster

Chelsea EkholmI love how people under 65 just have no hope. We’re just cannon fodder until you decide we’re worth saving. Just great. 69 . Meryl MillerRiverside?2 . Robin SolariWhat about Rural counties? They are being lost in the shuffle!15 . Linda KiddFederal money . Cathy PatrickIf CVS and Walgreens can give flu shots, why can’t they give the Covid-19 vaccination if it’s safe enough?11 . Donna WarrenNice, but only healthcare workers are eligible. They have the site, but not enough vaccine. 9 . Dinah BalladeoHow about those who can’t go to Dodgers stadium? Sick, disabled or don’t have cars and or don’t have money for bus fare. I wish they they take it to them. They’re the ones who needed the most.14 . Jennifer ChavezThe assisted living where I work is still waiting. Please help our residents.17 . Lori RodriguezWhy is California the worst in the nation for vaccine distribution???Now we’re going to run out of our supply by Thursday, WHY ??????26

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