Pathologist All About Articulation Poster

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Pathologist All About Articulation Poster. Order now before lose it forever.

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Eileen BreslinThe American taxpayers subsidize Walmart workers, and other greedy big business workers, as well. Greedy American oligarchs, who pay congressional GOP leaders for favorable legislation, are allowed to legally stiff and abuse workers, as well as exploi… See More8 . Gary SohlThat goes the same for any corporation that has workers depending on social services because they don’t pay a living wage. This little experiment of trickle down economics doesn’t work, has never worked, and should be done away with by our government.10 . Amanda NicholsWas heartened to hear that thousands of Amazon workers across the country are also calling out for unions. Rise up, folks!41 . Russell MoodyWhen companies pay their employees so little that these employees qualify for any government funded programs, then the companies should be required to pay for those programs.6 . Elmer PelcherMost of Bezos’ $182 Billion- or whatever the total is- is tied up in shares of AMZN. It isn’t available to be distributed as cash. If he were to sell of 20 million shares of AMZN, even though the valuation of them is $60 billion today, he’d be fortu… See More10  Pathologist All About Articulation Poster

Pathologist All About Articulation Poster

Bryan JarrellI have an amazing idea, pay Congress the average salary across America and watch how quickly things either change, or we scale back on congress. Either way I’m good with it.5 . Eric JordanI know what we should do is stop using citizens as piggy banks including Jeff bezos it’s funny how were everyone else’s piggy bank to give money out but half the time we don’t get it back the left is wrong in so many ways paris climate agreement we had… See More4 . Hiehle JackFor the most part, Jeff Bezos’s “wealth” is the hypothetical computation of how much money he could obtain if all his stock shares were sold to the 401Ks and savings of American workers. Congress legislated to make this possible and Congress could end … See More8 . Top FanNathan HowellWhen you receive a package from Amazon and they ask for a review, write support for the Unions in the box. We can all do this with not a lot of effort.4  Pathologist All About Articulation Poster

Pathologist All About Articulation Poster

Andrew NeighbourWake up America! It’s you and I paying for these rich a*holes who exploit and underpay their workers. I think it’s time that workers unite again and rise up and strike their employers – with or without unions behind them. All of you ordering everyda… See More5 . Gwen GrimkeThe tax payers – Bezos pays them so little that they have to go on welfare and food stamps in order to survive.1 . Stephen BostonCorporations want rich customers and poor employees. At some point, everybody but the elite will be poor. Then nobody can afford anything. The current system is unsustainable.1 . Jeff LeeHe doesn’t even hire them; they are staffing co. employees and “3rd party independent contractor business owners ;-j.”5 . Jeffrey BrooksThe wealthy just have to decide what kind of world they want to live in. Do they want a country where everyone has access to health, nutrition, housing and education. Or, do they want to live in a country where a small percentage have extraordinary wea… See More24

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