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I kinda wish you guys would focus more on fixing all these lags and lag spikes that seem to always happen. Patriots hoodie 3d. Been going on for a while now.

Patriots t-shirt 3d

Patriots hoodie 3d - t-shirt 3d
t-shirt 3d
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Patriots hoodie 3d - sweatshirt 3d
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Least the past 4 updates monthly but it’s gotten worse on this one. Finally figured out how to fix the lag issue, delete the game from my phone. Was fun while it lasted for 3 years. If you ever decide to start listening to us peasants and decide not to continue having this pay to play let me know. Why do u make all new content so difficult its unplayable for most of the community I know there are some guys who get it done but I think your taking all the fun out of the game I have been playing for 4 years now have a good roster but some of this new stuff just i sane losing interest fast. I opened 5 by spinning and got 15k gold every time. Popped 5 open and all gave me 15k totaling 75k gold also. It always skips 5 star Punisher even though crystal is not spinning and when it’s still spinning it stops before 5 star punisher also. Your game also logs me out and the connection is fine, plus your lag is taking much time to load game content. There’s a bug with emma frost. She switches off diamond form when enemy uses ult. Then she’s in diamond form when she’s using ult. The logic was so bad. What do I have to do to not get an automated response from your support team. This game has become a joke. Your support team doesn’t respond to issues. And if you complain on the forum, the mods delete your thread. Right now Kabam is in don’t scare off the new player mode. Patriots hoodie 3d. We ruined our player base and we will just try to get a new one from Endgame. Come on.

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