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Are you a registered voter in Kentucky? I can’t tell you how easy it is to vote by mail here–and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t chosen to vote by mail; we’ve all mailed in or dropped off our ballots. If you didn’t receive yours, you can vote in person tomorrow. Here’s some math for you: in recent primary elections [without the mail in option] voter turnout has been about 20%. Patsy stone face mask. So far 27% of us have opted to vote by mail in this primary. Already, more of us have voted than in any recent primary–so tell me again, where’s the voter suppression? Never mind answering. Have a lovely day and vote Blue.

Patsy stone face mask

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They has been early voting in Kentucky since June 8, and also add an additional site for early voters. This is the primary election. Most voting sites in Kentucky are schools and churches – this places have been closed since March. So early voters have been at the County Election Board Office. Most of those offices are in the city. Patsy stone face mask. As of this date over 500,000 absentee ballots have been returned also a number of people have voted early. This is the primary no register independent voter votes in the primary – Only registered Republican and registered Democrat are allowed to vote. This is an issue that has allowed to be blown out of control. It would be oh so nice it people would gather the facts before spewing untruths.

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