Peace love dogs face mask

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Our country has no chance of getting ahead of this virus the way things are going. Peace love dogs face mask. There is a lack of federal response and Americans don’t seem willing to follow the CDC guidelines.

Peace love dogs face mask

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face mask- pic 1

To have shortages of PPE and hours of waiting in line for tests is inexcusable. the main thing ruining everything is the selfish IGNORANT population that is here . A bunch of know it alls that refuse to follow recommendations & guidelines . Trump is not all the blame. Keep on with the fear and guilt. If you want to stay locked up in your home go ahead. You can order groceries on line and pay your bills the same way. As for the rest of us I say let’s get back to living. Peace love dogs face mask. Maria Poutous Grancio when you’re laying in a parking lot at a hospital because they have no room to treat your ignorant a** I hope you remember me. Its because of people just like you that help these outbreaks get completely out of control…you refuse to listen and have delusions that you know more than actual healthcare providers and scientists. this is coming from the covidiot living in a state that is literally burning on a coronavirus dumpster fire right now. That’s the problem you probably won’t live The president is a super spreader Think about the people at his rallies that do not have mask on and they spread it around and now look what has happened Sad And now he wants the children to.

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