Peace love hairstyling face mask

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Does it really matter who pays for poison? This is the one problem I have with M4A. Peace love hairstyling face mask. Our healthcare systems needs a true overhaul, not just transforming payment for a malfunctioning system that does nothing to support nor enhance health. Think of how absurd it is that we even need to have this discussion. I mean, it’s CRAZY that it wouldn’t be free. We are so screwed up.

Peace love hairstyling face mask

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face mask – detail

The minute that Trump put a former CEO of pharmaceuticals in charge of the vaccine, the are we going to afford it or not questions went right out the window. And what blows my mind is they use federal money to make these medicines and vaccines during trials but when they put their trademark stamp on it then they sell it back to the people for profit that’s bull crap and it needs to change. Peace love hairstyling face mask. That’s my opinion. Yes, of course, but it has to remain a choice. This vaccine is being fast tracked, omitting years of necessary safety and efficacy studies. Whoever wants to get it, by all means please do. Just don’t make it mandatory.

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