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Bassimah Al-Ayoubi  · FollowMr. President. The United States of America loves and admires you. Keep up the good work. Four more years sir.88 . Kent SorensonThey deserve to serve a President that was elected in an honorable way. You are a cheating unhonorable man who should resign! History will show this.16 . Jen BoninThe best gift we can give to Veterans is to NOT MAKE NEW ONES.19 . Jason HansenWrong holiday. That was veterans day.… See More54 . Eileen Rahall WashburnMr. President, Republicans just spat on the graves of every serviceman who died protecting this Country. Their refusal to stand up to the insurrectionists is an act of cowardice and treason. We must continue to pursue the case against these people and … See More90 . Kevin SmithThis isn’t veterans or service member dat. It’s Memorial Day. You know,for all that didn’t make it home.25 . Jeanette WashingtonAnd you can sleep in a garageWhat a pathetic excuse for human56  Peace Love Jesus Poster

Peace Love Jesus Poster

Deanna Bouchard-SanchezBroken promises Where is student debt relief?At least let student loans be discharged or reorganized via bankruptcy.9 . Braden KeithWell building back is the only option after having nothing left to tear down. 6 . Mary CookIf I understand correctly, your budget is 40% higher than previous budget. Why? On top of that, you want to spend another 11T$. Who is paying for this? It will take the next 3 generations to pay this debt off, if we survive that long. The COVID is … See More10 . Connie Willett MillerHow much more do my grand kids have to pay back? Stop spending! 10 . James CarriganI appreciate my bothers and sisters in the contracted labor trades. Thank you for what you build. As we turn this corner be advised of the slavish socialis t control of the future. 4 . Brad Moseley[Budget- An estimate of income and expendature for a set period of time.] Just wanted to throw the definition out there just incase you weren’t aware.3  Peace Love Jesus Poster

Peace Love Jesus Poster

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