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Back in 1966 as a white teenager who had been working in service for 3 years I could not get a job because of the push to give people of color the jobs(summer jobs). I only understand a little of this frustration. But I remember. Hey come to my part of the country there are plenty of jobs in the fields growing and picking fruit. Peace Love Justice. Or can go and work in the packing houses packing the fruits and vegetables .And there is a lot of construction work for lower pay .So come on down work with the people you think are free loaders.I think it would be quite a rude awakening.

Peace Love Justice Shirt

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Peace Love Justice Hoodie
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History shows that when slavery was abolished in America the black population didn’t turn to crime, they took the opportunity to get educated. They got jobs in local government, they started businesses and became community leaders. It was the white People of the day who became afraid of the black population‘s success and drove them back into poverty, crushed their rights to education and positions of influence by restricting their job opportunities. It’s fear that caused the racism problem and it’s fear that keeps racism alive. Peace Love Justice. When someone runs on the campaign slogan “vote for me, what the hell have you got to lose” to African Americans???? Yeah that’s really trying to connect on a real personal level with someone isn’t it?? Well, we’ve unfortunately seen what we all have to lose voting for an Ill prepared president. Imagine the damage 4 more years of this renegade thug could cause

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