Peace love volleybal face mask

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I hear you on this.Peace love volleybal face mask.  Write your state representatives!

Peace love volleybal face mask

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mask- pic 1

She is NOT following the Constitution. Peace love volleybal face mask. You people are nuts. She is trying to save your life. You can have this virus without symptoms! You can unknowingly infect or kill someone without knowing it! All so you can get your fucking haircut. Your freedoms aren’t unlimited! You don’t the right to hurt someone! This isn’t just about YOU! Sick how the Republicans would kill and infect others so they can get their haircuts! Move to eastern Oregon where they live off of the valley residents taxes. Send your failed kids to live on the streets in Portland and then blame the governor for all the homeless. Trump loves him some stupid! Shelly Murray you find my comment funny? How is anything about this funny? Seriously, I’d like to know what you find so humorous? Do not think she can legally do that, the people need to just get out and go against her, who does she think she is? Trump supporters are the ones who act like snowflakes every time their president is criticized. Talk about triggered. Hello beautiful can you send me a friend request here on Facebook I’m New Here I’m trying to make new friends. I can’t explain reality to you. It’s just sad that you’re in the wealthiest country with some of the worlds leading scientists, and since Trump was informed of COVID-19 l, you and your ilk have shown the corruption, dysfunction, narcissism and hatred to people and accountability to the rest of the world. And your response is? Blame the other side?

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