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Pennsylvania is an awesome state to live in. I am someone that enjoys the simple things in life and our four seasons gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy the best of each season. Driving to State College a couple of weeks ago along Rt 322 there is an amazing vista where you can see for miles, the mountains blanketed by green trees that in fall turn to vibrant shades of gold, red, and orange, in winter the ground covered with a blanket of snow while the bare branches holding a layer of snow give the forests a whole new scene. Pennsylvania For Trump Flag. We have skiing, swimming, boating, hiking, camping, college and professional sports teams, cultural events, ethnic events, elk herds, big cities and little cities all within reasonable travel distances, places of historical significance, a bit of almost everything. State income tax rate (3.07% flat rate) is one of the lower ones in the country, retirement income is not taxed, sales tax (6%) is not that bad and it does not apply to everything. We do have a number of ‘nuisance’ taxes (per capita, occupation, and so on) but it seems the state is working at reducing some of these. I have lived here almost all of my life and to me it is home. I have visited some other states, admired the beauty there, but this is where I want to live.

Pennsylvania For Trump Flag

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I see you already have two other answers. They give you the milk and bread with a sugar coating. The real scoop, Nashville is under construction. That alone makes traffic a nightmare. Add rain to Nashville and you’re stuck on the middle of the road for even more hours. However if you live walking/scooter distance from things/work/school, then all is well. Live a few miles away from Nashville, like Antioch, and you’re screwed. You’ll spend an average of three hours a day on the road. Sure there are a lot of benefits. Pennsylvania For Trump Flag. But Nashville has become mostly a traffic jam with over priced parking spaces. My wife drives to the heart of that place every day and it’s not healthy. So either live in the middle of that place or stay away or join the club of getting run over by frustrated drivers. If you think I’m joking, come on and see for yourself. Heck I just saw a video where some jerks shutdown the interstate by my house in order to play on it. Your imagination for the crap that someone is going to pull is probably not going to cover what this city has to offer. So… sure there are great benefits here but good luck! We’re moving out as soon as possible.

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