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On November 3rd 2020 we will be choosing much more than our next president. As Americans our choice will be a reflection and a referendum on who we are as a people and what kind of America we are going to live in. Our history has shown us the difference between what will move us forward as a nation and what has turned us back. Pennywise IT face mask. Donald Trump has sought to turn us back by exploiting people’s fear, anger and hate. Fear, anger and hate may be very real at times but the difference is in how we response to them instead of being controlled by them.

Pennywise IT face mask

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Our nation was not built on choosing fear, anger and hate, it was built on denouncing them. Pennywise IT face mask. The things that have made America great is our compassion, generosity and humanity. The things that have made America great is when we have rejected bigotry, racism and misogyny. The things that have made America great is when we embrace our diversity not divisiveness, When we have a plan to help families, women and children. When we have a plan to help small businesses and students to succeed. When we offer a path for those at the bottom to improve their lives. And when we have a president who offers us optimism and hope for our future. These are the things that make America great and these are the things Joe Biden will bring.

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