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Deidre Densk BushNot all hard of hearing folks are old. I have hearing loss due to radiation damage from fighting head and neck cancer. I struggle and need help too. Medicare for all! Let’s not make this an age thing.13 . Cindy DavilaThe paperwork to apply for a hearing aid is long and confusing:/ We helped our father fill his out. Senior Citizens deserve the benefit of a hearing aid if needed to function day to day. 1 . Liz Snead McEwanJust got my first hearing aids, and am thrilled with them. Also lucky to be able to afford them. The cost was a shocker: THOUSANDS of dollars. And apparently their lifespan is just a few years. Hearing, eye care and dentistry are among the few areas of… See More14 . Jeffrey KearnsWhat coverage do the polotitions that vote against this action have for medical ? I think they should have the same as everybody else.9  Personalized Couple Skull Skeleton Tattoo Poster

Personalized Couple Skull Skeleton Tattoo Poster

Corissa PhillipsIt’s a travesty that hearing loss is not covered by Medicare or most healthcare plans — and same for dental health. 3 . Alli HumphreyI am shocked all over again by this every time it is brought up. Basic needs. Have you ever loved someone who needed these things in their older years? Heartbreaking to know how often people go without because of the immense cost.4 . Llydia HickeyAgreed!! What happened to healthcare that it separates certain parts of the body?? Dental, Vision, Hearing?! What’s next? Elbow insurance!?! So stupid and obviously just another way to make more $! 6 . Beth PriceWe need to do something about prescription drugs and the damned donut hole. Half our monthly food budget goes to medicine once we hit that. 4 . Julio AlejandroA country that willingly refuses to provide its citizens with basic human rights like healthcare and education cannot be called a democratic country. Or a developed country for that matter. This must change now.6  Personalized Couple Skull Skeleton Tattoo Poster

Personalized Couple Skull Skeleton Tattoo Poster

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