Personalized customize you are fabulous poster

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You, Sir, are elevated every day by your principled leadership. Thank you for being the truthful, courageous, patient President that you were. It was an honor to serve as a career federal professional under your leadership.. Georgia! You are on our minds!. My vote on the first day of voting ( Dec 14) was one of my proudest.. I am 79 and never missed a Presidential election. My first time voting in a runoff. Pray that Georgia stays blue for important Senate mission.. The best President in contemporary American democratic history, Barack Obama . While Mr. Trump tries to “find” votes for himself, the rest of this great state should vote for their state, and our country.. “Our democracy isn’t about any individual” but you as an individual sure did and continue to do our democracy a great service. Thank you.. Georgia, please vote BLUE . we need to get back to being a country people admire and trust. Personalized customize you are fabulous poster

Personalized customize you are fabulous poster

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That Warnock and Ossof will win is rather to be wished than to be hoped for, the stakes being high.. The republicans must fail terribly to prove that Biden won fairly and squarely.He must therefore control both houses to get his agenda moving. Georgia’s election is more important than the general elections, vote like your entire life depend on it otherwise the Turkey neck Mitchy mitch will block Biden agenda….. “If you give up on the idea that your voice can make a difference, then other voices will fill the void”. Trump disappointed me with this whole process. I have never been in america soil but I cherish their way of things but trump must be punish after leaving this office for dragging a noble country like america into mod.Georgia should speak through their … See More. Georgia you did it on November 3rd 2020, and I know you will do it again today January 5th 2021. Let us send Ossoff and Warnock to represent you in the Senate in Washington. Personalized customize you are fabulous poster

Personalized customize you are fabulous poster

Thank you to all the Blue voters, organizers and activists in GA! I’ve been proud to support you from afar.. GA, make sure this is a landslide for Warnock & Ossoff so there’s no question about who you wanted as your Senators. Fight back against Trump trying to overturn your votes when he called SOS Raffensperger! Bring it home, GA!. We believe in you, Georgia . Barack is a refined democrat, an enigma, we love you for all that you do, all your support in ensuring gender equality, democracy wave in America and all around the world.. Praying the folks in Georgia will do the right thing especially after what trump has done with the illegal phone call!!. Respond GEORGIA, respond by heading to those polls and voting so this country can move forward.. Thank you President Obama for the guidance always! Obama has always been my favorite and will be
God bless him with the whole beautiful family

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