Personalized gift for stepped up dad mug



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Ilias BelloThat’s what good president are known for not the ones that inflict too much poverty on his people’s20 . Simon MapsProgress is what you promised America and progress is what America is realising. Cult 45 is out and build back better in motion. Bravo Biden-Harris44 . Glody Kabwit YavThat’s why I like you. The best president in the world 37 . Kassondra Mathis HoudekYes! Standby for one of the largest economic recoveries in U.S. history! Q1GDP comes in at a huge 6.4%. That hasn’t happened in decades! Nice work! 24 . Rena FinneyWhat abt helping those of us on ss our cost of living income needs adjusted so much. Seniors cant make it.14 . Md. Juyelur RahmanVery soon America will collapse & Israel will control the World economy, Technology, Education etc.Wait & see5 . Sesan Micheal OlabigeGreat 46, our Papa Joe, we trust and love honesty that you brought to governance.15 . Sam P WertherNONE of this is your doing, blockhead! Virus and complete shutdowns in all states led to massive layoffs and closings. You just happen to be the one in office during the recovery! This exact same scenario would be happening if Mickey Mouse or anyb… See More31  Personalized gift for stepped up dad mug

Personalized gift for stepped up dad mug

Davis BenavidesLet’s keep moving forward together as one nation – not separate by race, religion, gender, or sexuality.God bless America 28 . Lorra RobertIt’s great that you can compare numbers to a year when the country was closed. 9 . Scott LloydAnd to think you did all that between naps! Great job! Have some warm milk and a raisin oatmeal cookie. You deserve it!29 . Khapungo TowouhJoe Biden to make America great again42 . Ahtisham KhanAmerica would come back a lot faster if you didn’t support raising taxes on businesses.35 . Kevin JordanTrump supporters are laughing at the comments and don’t even know what they are laughing at. Just goes to show how immature they are. Also they can’t handle a adult back in office 39 . Alazare Beyene AtinafuI was the supporter of Demos but now I hate them due to there blindness. Must out of Ethiopia.3 . Mark WillcockAnd don’t forget inflation rising, public safety lowering, border crisis, national debt record high, employment numbers 16  Personalized gift for stepped up dad mug

Personalized gift for stepped up dad mug

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