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Ellie HamptonIt’s amazing what a competent president can accomplish!192 . Dagmawi Tewodrosright America is on good progress on vaccination ! but not anymore in Africa specially in Ethiopia .on your progress sucking natural resources from them .not any more! 10 . Emily DulgarYou are exactly who we needed! Appreciate your wisdom and experience! You’re the Man, Joe!!10 . Maryann FrancischelliHigher prices for everything especially gas to fuel all this inflation. 51 . Amanda PottersHow many of those jobs pay a living wage? Most importantly, how many of those jobs were a.full time, 40 hours a week? Because hiring s BUNCH of people at 15 to 20 hours a week, sure does play well with your numbers.… See More59 . Roger PellarWhat are you doing for seniors? Adjust our cost of living increase to actually reflect the actual increases in housing food and healthcare. The current calculator is out dated and unfair.46  Personalized gift for stepped up dad mug

Mexican Roosters Round Circle Rug

Sally ClintonDefinitely making great progress. Thank you. BUT the people’s Dept. of Justice is still under a dark cloud of coverup. We voted for truth when we voted for you.11 . Stac GableThis. This is hilarious. Are you really taking credit? States have gone against what you want and are winning without your help. Get over it.65 . Aminah KawooyaWhen the president has love for his country and working on the benefits of the citizens not his family here in uganda government want to borrow again to pay the maturing debt21 . Barb FrankTrumps economy was built strong and is roaring back stop printing money take a nap and let the folks handle the economy50 . Olga OliviaTHANK YOU PRESIDENT BIDEN AND YOUR ADMINISTRATION !! Finally a President that truly cares about America and it’s still a long road to put the USA back after the previous 1 term 2 time impeached that thinks he’s still a president and the GQP helping him… See More23  Personalized gift for stepped up dad mug

Mexican Roosters Round Circle Rug

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