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Sara NangobiIf America had voted for Bernie we would be in a better place know. He is the only politician that stands with the poor and the oppressed. Who are the Palestinian 101 . Vonna B ViglioneNetanyahu’s corruption trial must be close53 . Frieda MorrisonSadly peace hasn’t worked thus far, it is time for ACTION, for this to change. Media AIPAC and the rich donors are holding your government back from doing the moral and humane thing. Stop supporting and aiding Israels corrupt and criminal oppressive a… See More36 . Denise LawrenceThat also goes for the United States. The right wing party is not in charge of any of the Democratic rulings. Enough talk of the filibuster. Let’s have it abolished, over and done with. ASAP!33 . Nadia MoralesThank you Bernie for speaking up!!! As a Palestinian I’m glad someone in power is attempting to stop our genocide and resolve this 61 . Kimberly Garmon BensonIsrael just wants to be left alone but Hamas won’t let them be. Israel has vowed to defend themselves so don’t act so surprised when they follow through. At least Israel gives warnings to civilians before bombing buildings to allow evacuation. Hamas do… See More21  Personalized Mountain Bike Customize Poster

Personalized Mountain Bike Customize Poster

Philip ForresterStop giving them 3.8 billion a year and stop,selling them weapons!25 . Yousef ShadidGreat stuff Bernie Sanders! I’d still call it ‘Israeli aggression’ or ‘occupation’ instead of the cliche ‘conflict’ 19 . Mateen JamilU.S. Senator Bernie Sanders You are a man of conscience but your statement does not go far enough.Please state the facts as that are:… See More27 . Sadaf W. SiddiquiThank you Bernie. The occupation of Palestine is ILLEGAL.You can’t slap a child much less kill kids at gun point in the name of —Hamas?!.Compare Israeli military and prosperity and the downtrodden Palestine’s plight.The world media spews and spins h… See More9 . Wayne FriedrichI fail to understand why the US sends more money to Israel than to any of our own 50 states. 8 . Valentin Manuel VasquezStopping the missles from hamas would end it .19 . Hany ZraieYou steal my water, burn my Olives Trees and Farms, destroy my homes, take my homes, steal my land, imprison my beloved ones, bombard my country, starve us all as the case with Gaza for the past 15 years, humiliate us at every checkpoint , but yet I am… See More23  Personalized Mountain Bike Customize Poster

Personalized Mountain Bike Customize Poster

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