Personalized Name A Wolf Pack Lives Here Doormat



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Personalized Name A Wolf Pack Lives Here Doormat

The territory of the Chachapoya people was located in present-day Peru’s northern Andes mountains. It includes a triangular area created from the confluence of the Marañón and Utcubamba rivers in the province of Bagua, to the Abiseo River basin where the Pajáten ruins are located. The territory also includes land extending south to the Chontayacu River, beyond the limits of the existing Amazonas region to the south. But the center of Chachapoya culture is the basin of the Utcubamba River. Given the vast size of the Maranon River and its surrounding mountainous terrain, the area is relatively isolated from the coast and other areas of Peru; although there is archaeological evidence of some interactions between Chachapoya culture and other cultures. And the city of Chachapoya in Peru today takes the name and architectural features of this ancient culture.

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