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(The words king and pharaoh are used interchangeably throughout this book to avoid stylistic monotony.) Usually there is only one male, the indigenous king of Egypt at any given time, wear although some pharaohs sometimes choose to share their power with a co-regent, and on at least four separate occasions a woman rather than a man is formally in power. During the three Decentralized Mediation periods, often two or more contemporary kings ruled different parts of the country that were temporarily divided; Some of these kings were foreigners, willing to give up their cultural identity and adopt the traditional pharaoh’s charisma to fit the accepted stereotype of an Egyptian king. King is a necessity. He may not always be famous to his contemporaries, and indeed some kings have even been assassinated, but these unfortunate individuals were immediately replaced by a new and unfortunate king. There has been no move to create any other form of government in Egypt.

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